Self-checkouts are great for the retailer, well short-term they are. After a period of time, they claw back the investment on the kit by the savings in wages.

Longer term, they lose the human interaction with their customers.

I might be alone here, but part of the attraction of retailing in person is the human interaction versus the sanitised world of click and buy. It is what keeps me going to one shop versus another, it is part of the simple pleasures of life that are systematically being eradicated from our lives.

Lastly, perhaps we could move on from this failed model of the never ending cycle of saving money to increase profits. The only gainers in that model are the shareholders, not the customer or employee.

I prefer to support the human touch.

One thought on “Self-checkouts

  1. Hi Philip – I’m a bit behind with your blog, but wholeheartedly agree – self checkouts are the work of the devil!


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