What if?

What if you could have a blank sheet of paper and write on it the ideal activity/job/work/thing you would love to do.

Regardless of your current skills, money, situation, current commitments, restrictions, and other barriers that you could currently see stopping you doing that thing.

What would you write?

And what would stop you from doing it?

The only thing that stops us is us.

We can change any circumstance that we are currently in over time, we can learn new skills, we can build anything we want, do anything we want, realise any dream.

It’s up to us, it’s a choice, a plan and taking regular action until we’ve changed to what we want.

So grab a piece of paper and write what you’d love to do if there were no restrictions, then get a plan to remove the restrictions and go.

It’s a question of time and talking ourselves into things not out of doing things.

Oh, and a question of just starting, after all, you have nothing to lose.

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