The game of fear


Plagues, wars, famines, terror, killer diseases, shortages of avocados and many other such calamities. Storms, ice ages, killer hornets, the list can go on and on, all designed to frighten us.

The news media will fill our heads with the next impending threat to our very existence from bugs that lurk in toilets, to people who will kill us while we sleep.

Of course, some of it might happen, although 99.99% of it won’t and doesn’t.

Whatever, it is nearly all totally out of our control.

So, save ourselves the worry and don’t feed this game of fear that is pushed upon us, if we don’t play, then they can not win in their aim of keeping us dependent on the system.

The thing is the brave woman dies just one death, the coward a thousand.

No more game of fear, liberate ourselves by turning our back on it.

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