How we measure up with Mo Farah


Before you decide if you have succeeded or not, perhaps look at how you are measuring yourself or who you are measuring yourself with?

What constitutes a success or a failure?

If you are comparing yourself to others, then it is likely to always end in you thinking you have failed, strangely all the others will think the same if they are comparing themselves to you.

Comparison with others is a wrong measurement.

The measure could simply be what success looks like to you, after all, what else matters?

If you think running 500m down the road is a success, as you don’t normally do any running at all, then it will spur you on to run another 500m the next time, and perhaps if you continue to see it as a success, you’ll maybe run 700m and then more over time. Cut yourself slack, you’re not a trained Olympic athlete, well not yet.

If on the other hand you see it as a failure, because you have used other people’s measures of success or you have compared yourself to someone else, and guess what you won’t pick someone who’s not a runner to compare to, we never do, you’ll have picked a friend or neighbour who runs like Mo Farah, then you will not feel inspired to run the next day.

It is all about how we choose to speak to ourselves and what we use as a measure.

It is realising that the only success is the success that counts for you and to remember we all start from a position of worthiness, that is not altered by what we achieve or don’t.

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