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Better is all a question of perspective.

We live in a world where faster, cheaper and especially bigger are often the measures of better. That’s better the drink is 50% bigger and still the same price is often the mentality.

Better has been the myth sold to us by the industrialised system to get us to buy into more consumption and be compliant. Dissatisfaction and discontentment are powerful forces to ensure we all continue to strive to be ‘better’ or get ‘better’ stuff.

Why is a bigger number of something better than a smaller number? Why is a bigger house or car better than a smaller one? What is better for? Does anyone question that? Why do we have to be better? Perhaps we could redefine better.

Maybe the answer isn’t to always be striving for better, as in bigger, more of something, cheaper, faster, more efficient. Perhaps contentment with what we have and appreciating it and living a life centred on people and activity, not a life centred on striving for better.

Perhaps better is smaller, slower and good value. Perhaps better could be centred on how we treat ourselves and others. Not on better grades as a measure of success and worth.

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