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So having just looked at the list of the top 100 most influential entrepreneurs (aka as business people), I thought, who cares? Well, the people on the list probably do.

It’s a bit like any list of ‘top’ whatever’s, the only people who really care are the people on the list and perhaps those who crave to be on the list.

Sadly, society has created this myth that worthiness as a person is defined by others views and what we achieve. It is all part of the homogenised, normalised and mass that has become the world that we live in.

It is easier to make money, control and perpetuate something if it is all the same, including most importantly, how we think.

Real success is what happens inside our own heads, where we recognise our own success according to what success looks like to us and not to society or list makers.

Many of the list fillers, and more likely those who crave to be one, have become conditioned to see these shallow trinkets of achievements as way to feel worthy.

Life’s real successes are personal and it does not matter who knows about them or not, well apart from the really close people in life, who it is great to share success with.

We are not more or less worthy based on what we achieve, or what others think or by the position or even inclusion on a list.

Define your own success, share with those who matter to you and be top of your own list permanently.

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