Light not darkness


We live in dark times, full of judgement, anger, hate, war, poverty, homelessness, over consumption, destruction of the planet, climate change and the list can go on.

The established, wealthy elite, that control us and the planet sell us the darkness.

We need to choose light.

It is a choice and those who are brave enough to make the choice to be different will get the rewards of a more meaningful, happier and fulfilled life.

Choose to be kind, empathetic, supportive, loving and giving. That is the only way to change the every growing darkness that is falling over human kind.

This is not to do with organised religions, this is not do with pulling down one system to replace it with another controlling one. This is about building something truly different that will take the human race on a new journey.

It is possible, it is a question of faith, a question of all of us being brave enough to stand up and to create a free, equal and loving world for all.

Choosing the positivity of light over the negativity of darkness is how we build a better world.

Who wouldn’t want to do that?

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