Free yourself from perfection


Perfect – to be completely free of faults or defects.

Perfect is something we are often conditioned to strive for, but why?

Why do we yearn to be perfect or have things that are such?

Yet the most interesting things, that we really love and desire, are imperfect. Imperfect in a way that we can not always put into to words, but the feeling is so strong.

Imperfect is interesting, creative, different, exciting, fun, it has a story, it has a meaning, it has sacrifice and passion. Imperfection is full of positivity, free from judgement and is a place of accepting things for what they are.

Perfection is only possible for a moment and then something or someone will spoil it with criticism or improvement. Perfect is boring, unremarkable and is a negative drain on our energy. It is a way of controlling us to keep working harder, to comply, to follow the rules.

Break the rules and celebrate being imperfect and realise that imperfection is what makes life a wonderful gift.

Free yourself from the slavery that is perfection.

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