How about a discount?

25percent off

How about a discount?


Why do we over inflate our prices in order to build in a buffer, for the inevitable price negotiation?

It’s all part of the conditioning of the manipulative sales process that has become the norm.

There is such a lack of imagination, that it seems adding a benefit or chopping the price is the only way to get noticed.

If you demonstrate why you do what you do, if you show the value of what you offer, then the price is of no relevance. Price fairly to start with and then provide something that is remarkable, worth paying for whatever the price, and the price doesn’t have to be anything other than just fair.

You are the arbiter of what’s fair, after all it’s what your time is worth.

It is not about using price as a tactic to sell, if you have to do that, then you have failed to communicate your cause, your reason for being, to the other party. All they are looking at is what you offer.

You are more than likely talking to wrong audience, as all you have attracted is the ‘laggards’ who buy everything based on price.

They are not your audience, you are looking for the people who buy you, for what you, and your business, stand for.

Build trust, loyalty, and something meaningful, and stick to your values, do not get seduced into using price as the tool to make sales.

There is always someone who will sell cheaper. Let them go there.

The answer is ‘no’.

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