The price of dropping your trousers

Price is one of these old school manipulative tools that is used heavily in business.

The phrase ‘they dropped their trousers on that’ is a well used one, especially when the purchaser is eagerly telling their peers about a great ‘deal’ that they negotiated.

The fact is that most businesses have built manipulation space into their pricing model and therefore ‘deals’, if that’s what you’re after, are rarely a deal.

How about running a business honestly and straight-forwardly. Whereby you price fairly to start with, demonstrate the more important value of being part of your business journey and then not needing to sell.

Demonstrate your ‘why’, your reason for being in business, put your values into it, price fairly and then there is no need to sell or manipulate your customers with the ‘price’ tool. They will gladly buy and stay loyal, even when others attempt to lure them away with price.

Stop discounting, stop over-inflating your prices and stop manipulating. Simply be honest, value-driven, fair and inspiring. Otherwise the price of always ‘dropping your trousers’ will be, that it becomes the only tool you have to attract customers and sooner or later it stops working as there is no value in the transaction or loyalty.

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