Fear of failure or is it something else

Fear of failure is one of those excuses that we often use externally as a reason not to do something different or outstanding.

I actually think that it is deeper than that, it is an internal fear that we don’t admit to others.

I think that it is to do more with the fear of ridicule by peers, of feeling silly in front of friends/family/coworkers that often keeps us in our discomfort zone of the familiar.

It is that personal thing that effects our self-confidence, our egos, that holds us back more than the fear of it failing.

We often satisfied with good enough, instead of stepping into the ring and daring to be great. That way we avoid the fear of criticism or ridicule.

The good news, however, everyone else is facing that fear, so much so, that they are not that bothered with your idea, they are too busy stewing over what people might think of their ideas, should they decide to share them with the world.

It is best to completely ignore what others might think of your ideas. As they are your ideas and it is the real world of customers and their thoughts that matters, as to whether, that new product or service that you launch, will be a success.

Going further than that, there will be a niche for almost any idea and it is likely to be more than just a few of the 7 billion of us, that will think that your idea is great.

Some of the greatest, world changing ideas are often not liked by the masses initially. It is the small percent of early adopters that matter the most anyway, as they will love it and help spread it further for you.

So be brave, be bold, step out of the discomfort zone of the fear of ridicule and dare to try your ideas.

Think differently, work differently, live and be different..

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