Special moments

I am currently on holiday with my daughter, she has finished her exams and this was treat for her.

Today, we walked along the beach in the sun dipping our feet in the water and then we stopped and sat with out feet in a rock pool, with little tiny shrimps and fish that were swimming around our feet and legs.

The water was really warm, the sea was coming in behind us on to the rocks, the sun was out and we were sat overlooking a volcanic island.

Simple things are definitely the most special.

These are the moments that matter in life. Make sure that you take time to have as many as you can.

We rarely look back in life at the end on the things that we owned, but we remember all the special moments and often regret not having more of them.

Hot days

Sun that’s baking hot.

Air that’s hot, where even the breeze is too.

Clear blue skies.

Running your hand through tall dry grass.

An insect buzzing by.

As you walk down a dusty stone path, life is good, sunshine makes us feel alive, you drink some ice cold water to refresh yourself.

Hot days are special, summertime energises us.

Simple things of a sunny day are what makes life magical.