Counting chickens before they hatch

The system wants us to count the chickens before they hatch.

Certainty is sold to us to overcome the manufactured fears that scare us.

To achieve certainty, there are the rules we have to follow, conditions to be met.

They involve us complying.

Never count the chickens as often they do not hatch.

Also, perhaps we don’t want the chickens they offer us.

What others do

Often in life, we wait to see what others do.

This is society thing, it comes from childhood, school, and work. It’s ingrained into us.

‘Watch Mary, see how she does it’.


It is born out of the industrialised world making us compliant, interchangeable, cogs in their machine. It has a pattern we need to follow so the system makes sure we follow what’s been done before.

Curiosity is removed and failure or deviation from their ‘curriculum’ is shamed.

The best inventions, creations, art, music, writing, new things come from those who follow themselves and do not follow the pattern.

In an oversaturated, bland, average, mass world, it is the rebels who stand out and shape the world, not those who watch what others do.