Nourish yourself


That’s certainly with the right food, however, in this case, I mean with the right influences.

What we ‘feed’ our minds with is so important to our mental and physical wellbeing.

From the books we read, the people we connect to and surround ourselves with, to whatever is filling our minds, we need to make sure that it serving us well and having a positive input.

On average, we spend 35 hours a week in front of TV/Netflix/YouTube. That is nearly third of our waking hours.

Do we stop and question the value of what we are feeding our mind with for approximately a third of our lives? Is it junk food for our brain or healthy nourishment?

What if we took just a few hours a week to nourish our minds with something that will develop our mind, an investment in our futures?

What are you nourishing your mind with rather than just feeding it?