Disconnect from the matrix

As humans there is so much we do not understand and yet we have as a species become conditioned to be content and have lost our greatest asset, the ability to be curious.

The tech that is supposed to improve our lives is rapidly destroying our cognitive skills and is turn us into dopamine junkies plugged into a computer network that sucks our lives away.

As far as we get now, for example, is if we don’t know something we rely on Google instead of our brains. We accept without question almost everything that we are fed, whatever we read, see, hear…it must be true, right!


Stay curious, ask questions, disconnect from the matrix, choose a meaningful life connected to other humans.

Can we trust the myth makers?


The more you challenge the status quo, the established voice, the system’s message, the more eventually you get to wonder what is actually true.

The fact is, there is very, very little in life, that we can say we know to be 100% correct or right.

Homo sapiens, which is what the 7 billion people on this planet are, became the dominant human species because of the cognitive revolution that occurred about 70,000 years ago only for sapiens. This is brilliantly covered in the book ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Noah Harari.

This gave us, Sapiens, the ability to create things that were not physical things (trees, rivers, lions etc being physical things). We were able to create myths, and those myths gave the myth creators the ability to control others.

So a modern day example would be a company, it is not real thing, but it exists within another imagined thing, laws. Throughout the evolution of the current human race, we have been able to control large numbers of other humans by our imagined creations, such as religions and other non-physical things.

The formula of all of the myths are based on a terrible outcome being inflicted upon us for not obeying.

This is so true today, and the myths are now ever more manipulative, and have been ever better crafted, to ensure maximum compliance. The capitalist religion has created some of the most compelling and controlling myths in the history of humans, many of which are now becoming harder for many to follow and be compliant with.

What truths do you challenge? What myths do you allow to control you?

I am ever more challenging the myths and I am discovering more and more of them are not the ‘truths’ that the myth makers want us to believe.