Inner resistance

The strict tough voice that we use on ourselves in our mind…that voice of authority, we all do it.

Does it ever get us to change?

Maybe, it is just me, but it never works, it has the opposite effect. It is like the external world, where we resist something, it makes it stronger and the opposite to what we fight for occurs.

Inner resistance is the same. The insanity of our mind and its never-ending and conflicting dialogue causes pain and turmoil within.

When we tell ourselves off, it has the opposite effect.

If we accept that we did or didn’t do something that affected the ego and the story of ‘little me’ and accept that it has already taken place and focus on now and doing something now, then we do not need the mind and its telling off.

The internal struggle always has a negative effect and it is when we accept where we are right now and whatever is, simply is, and cannot be changed so don’t fight it.

Always the energy focused on doing something or not doing something, as that is a choice too, right now is positive, as it is the only moment we can do or alter anything.

Resisting others or ourselves is pointless, let go, accept and be at peace.

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