Let me tell you

Telling others is easy, it makes us feel superior. Of course, the mind will trick us that we’re being helpful, but deeper, the ego is at play.

When the same things come around to our own actions, then, of course, there is a good reason to excuse and the mind tells us ‘well it is different’…again the ego is at play.

The solution is not to ‘tell others’ or to judge them in the first place. Most often, when people are explaining something or just want to get something out, they want to be listened to and they want to be understood. They want our empathy, not our advice or a regurgitation of our story, which of course, is not remotely relevant to them and it is just our ego starting up again…’well let me tell you how it was for me’

The other thing is, when it comes to what we do, no need to judge or excuse either, no need to tell ourselves. Be compassionate, be kind, give ourselves a moment.

Ego and its judgement of ourselves and others is the cause of a good deal of suffering within and for others too that we inflict it on.

Accept others and ourselves for what they are, seek the good in others and ourselves and realise we are all just wonderful human souls.

2 thoughts on “Let me tell you

  1. Nicely written. I watched a video in the morning and it mentioned the same.. sometimes we try so much to give solutions for others or to fix their problems that we forget to have a truly fulfilling and deep conversation about what they feel or want to let out.. questions like “how do you feel?” “I totally understand, what you think you’re going to do?” can be very helpful in situations like this.. they give the space to the person to talk about their inner feelings and lead to more meaningful conversations.. just an opinion.. thank you for sharing this nice writing 😊 have a wonderful day!

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