Choice is ours

We can stand on the edge and think about falling, becoming fearful, or we can enjoy the moment, the view, the beauty and be at peace accepting now. There are many options.

Everyday we stand on an edge in life and we choose the path and the consequences are entirely of our making.

Every moment life refreshes anew and we can choose.

2 thoughts on “Choice is ours

  1. This post is so relevant during the pandemic. It’s harder for me to be positive during this time, but I know that a positive attitude will get me through the day if I just take each day one day at a time.

    1. The more we realise that what is has already happened and we can not change that, the more we accept things and the more we focus on this moment, where every single one is a fresh moment to change something. Also, nothing is permanent, everything is temporary and passes.

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