The world isn’t changed by an election result, it is not changed by petitions, protests, social media, shouting, ranting, arguing, controlling, criticising and so on. These are all the illusions of the individual and collective mind.

It is not possible to be right or wrong, good or bad, these are the polar opposites created by the collective mind so as to divide us and to control us.

The world is changed by you and me and our integrity to live as the example, to be the light to shine for others, to be a true inspiration.

We do not have to be perfection, yet another mind label, we do not have to judge or criticise others, we do not have to over complicate or think. Thought tries to sabotage our true self.

If we remain present, conscious, awake and if we allow our true essence from within to shine as a light for others, then that is all we need to do. Allow others to be and allow them to discover their own light.

Light will always overcome the darkness of the individual and collective human ego. That is how we as humans will evolve from the evolutionary stage that is egoic mind and its control on the human race that has been deepening for thousands of years. Imprisoning us all in a dream-like state of unconscious action and thought.

There is an awakening, people are becoming aware that we are not our thoughts, our emotions, the physical body, we are beyond that. Our purpose in life is to be the consciousness of the universe, that is the only permanent thing. Everything else is temporary, a form that comes and goes, just like elections and who they elect. It does not matter as every single physical human form that is here today will be a pile of dust in 50 to 100 years, yet the universe and consciousness will still be there.

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