In countries where food is not plentiful, life is more simple, they have less of most things and people often sit in a group of friends or family and perhaps pray or say something to express their gratitude for what they have and what they are about to eat.

In other parts of the world, where food is plentiful and very often wasted, where people often sit alone to eat, the only thing that happens is people take a photo of their food and post it on Instagram for others to like. Then return to their smartphones and eat, not just consuming food but consuming yet more data.

We’re confused in our thinking that having everything equates to happiness. The people who have the least tend to have the most gratitude and joy in life and those that have it all are often unfulfilled.

3 thoughts on “Confused

  1. It’s definitely a head-scratcher that’s for sure. I wonder if our gratitude quotient would increase if we suddenly (and more probable over time) were placed in the same situation those grateful with what little they have are now? Could we slowly relearn to be more appreciative, or would we have to start with less from birth?

      1. Interestingly enough Philip, I believe ‘shock’ is exactly what we need. There’s nothing better for making change happen. The mind shifts or else!

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