The fantasy in our heads

The future is something that never actually happens, it doesn’t exist and is a fantasy acted out in our own individual heads. Each person’s mind conjuring a uniquely imagined and different future.

I wrote before, our lives are made up of a series of ‘now’ moments. Today, is the past tomorrow and tomorrow never happens. Now is life and it is the only life we have.

When we fantasise about the future and allow it to dominate our noisy minds then we will be consumed by fear, anxiety, worry, uncertainty and we will mainly be envisioning problems that haven’t occurred and all the mental and physical affects that will have on us.

Right now is the only thing that counts, it is our life and once we choose to live the life we have now we will only have to deal with the problems that are actually real and occurring right now. Not the fantasy that we imagine, as they never occur.

Amazingly if we only have to deal with problems as they appear, then we have not worried about and imagined a whole plethora of miserable outcomes and we haven’t judged. We simply use our intelligence to deal with the ‘now’ challenge as it occurs.

We let go of fear, worry and anxiety.

This is very liberating.

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