Invest in yourself

I have blogged a few times about the idea of not waiting to be picked by others and to choose yourself. Ensure that our future is in our control.

Once you have chosen yourself, however, you are going to need to invest in you.

Incomes are stagnant for some, but for most, they are falling in real terms. Jobs and job functions are being replaced by technology. There is more and more competition for work.

Many seek alternatives and become freelance, but then there are more and more people becoming freelance and therefore, more and more competition.

The solution is to read more, listen more, learn more, get a mentor, get a coach, and develop yourself. Learn, improve, adapt, and learn, improve, and adapt again, and again and….

Invest time in you and as much as you can.

We as individuals, more than ever, have to stand out, have to become the best versions of ourselves that we can.

Just doing ‘good enough’ is letting ourselves down.

We are our only asset and we need to nurture ourselves continually if we are going to be equipped for the world that is rapidly changing and achieve our dreams.

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