If you had just one day

Prioritising what thing to do first is always a challenge.

But what if you had just more day before a long holiday?

What would you do first?

Would you tidy up all the icons on your desktop? Would you clear up your bookshelf in the office? Would you straighten up a picture on the wall? Would you change the font on your website? Or would you do something that propelled you closer to your goals? Something that led to a new customer signup? and so on.

Ok, so a little loaded.

But, the point is, the more time and options we give ourselves, the more likely we will seek refuge in the easy and not so important tasks to feel busy.

If it is important it will be challenging and it will create some fear of starting it.

Those are the things that we could choose to start first every day.

It is a choice and choosing it leads to change, and it becomes an addictive habit once we realise we are getting closer and closer to our goals and seeing better results.

Shorten the time horizons whenever you can, lessen the options to choose from and get more done.

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