Follow the heart

Go ahead with your life be brave, be bold, be fearless, and do not every be unkind to yourself or anyone else.

Show love, empathy, kindness, support, compassion and openness, be vulnerable, it is how you make for a joy-filled life.

Embrace your emotions and treasure them, never bury them.

Let go of all that poison that is showered on us by those who want to control us.

Do not give into it, resist, stay free, always be curious, be loving, open, never become compliant, owned, ruled and obliged to do or say anything that you deep down know is not right for you, follow your heart, follow your instinct, stay true to your values.

Be you, be liberated and experience the one time only opportunity of life.

Love and the heart can not always be explained and it does not always make sense, but logic can be dull and controlling.

We all have that gift of life and love, savour it and follow your heart.

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