Peel off the layers

Underneath all the layers is the real thing, the real us, the one we have struggled all our life to unveil and we have been waiting to unpeel and reveal to the world.

But we allow ourselves and others to keep putting another layer of wrapping paper on us. Or we are too frightened to reveal the next layer, to take off some of the wrapping paper, in case people judge, don’t like, criticise or mock.

The world is full of people who are not the real people that are behind all their layers of fear.

What if we all realised it’s ok to take off all the layers and to expose the real person inside all of us? What an amazingly different and better world it would be.

It is all about building a bravery habit, being the leader we want to see, encouraging others and ourselves it is OK. Stop allowing ourselves and others to keep wrapping us up more.

Others want us to stay wrapped up, it is more comfortable for them so that they can stay uncomfortable in their ‘comfort’ zone.

Peel off the layers the real you is waiting to shine.

Don’t peel them off all at once, we need to be confident and that comes for allowing ourselves to blossom at our pace.

We owe it to the real person in us all to give them their moment in life to live and for others to appreciate.

Start by peeling off a layer today.

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