Connected by a piece of string

Today is day 2 of the OuiShare Summit in Lisbon and what I love about OuiShare gatherings is the collection of shared values and the collective inspiration I feel from being around enthusiastic, open and creative people.

Before we got started today we did a number of fun exercises where we stood and moved around the room, one of those was to use a line to show our masculinity or femininity and it was lovely to see nearly all gathered together in the middle, the feeling of being all part of the human race.

The best one for me was when we started with a ball of string and each person held the ball, introduced themselves, why they came and what they could offer. Then passed or in many cases threw badly across the room until all 80 people had spoken and each one of us where physically connected by the same ball of string.

This is the magic of coming together, this is the magic of being part of the human race that can not ever be replaced by Apps, smartphones or social media.

This is real connection, this is what matters.

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