The extraordinary power of doing

The power of doing by Philip Dodson
The power of doing by Philip Dodson

One particular habit once formed and maintained give us extraordinary power over time.

Whatever habit you stick with, the momentum is slow and sometimes there is even a dip, but then the compound effect takes place and the results become better and better.

The doing habit, however, does something special, not only do you get more done, results come, confidence grows and well being too. But you get control.

The doing habit is best started small, step by step, little by little, and once mastered it really changes so much.

Things not done or left to be done create a feeling of lack of control, which leads to insecurity, panic, fear, doubt, and to an increase in the desire to control things that we can not, like everything except for ourselves. That trying to control only inhibits results further as it pushes others away from our position and creates resistance.

The super power that comes from doing is we feel in control of ourselves and that is an amazing feeling.

To be truly in the driving seat of the only thing we can drive in life, ourselves, is magical.

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