It’s not about what others think you should be


Don’t spend your life trying to perfect yourself for others expectations.

It is about saying this is me. I am worthy already.

We say ‘yes’ to things to fit in. We agree with things, that inside we disagree with so as not to offend others. We act and behave to fit in with an expectation of us set by society, the world, other people and as we struggle to meet these expectations, then disappointment rises and we feel unworthy.

If we live without any boundaries of what is or isn’t acceptable for us, then we allow others to influence how our story is written.

It is about being us, accepting ourselves and believing that we are already good enough and that does not mean we can not be generous towards others, but there have to be boundaries that allow our imperfections to be OK.

It’s about being you not what others expect you to be, after all, it is your life, your story and you need to write it for you.

3 thoughts on “It’s not about what others think you should be

  1. I think a lot of people actually do this and then fall into complacency, and an unwillingness to improve because this is who they are, take it or leave it. I’ve seen that a thousand times. I’m sure that’s not your sentiment, but just pointing out the other side of that coin.

      1. I’m not sure being kind and generous to others necessarily compensates for internal problems some people need to sort through on their own. I know kind and generous people who still struggle with this problem.

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