Most things work out


Most things in life tend to work out. OK so not all of them, as perhaps we imagined or expected them.

That is perhaps where we need to start our thinking.

Instead of fearing the outcome, perhaps we could start by adjusting our expectations.

We have this mindset that makes us look at the gloomiest outcome first, it is a default thing in most of us, encouraged by society and dominated inside our heads by our limbic brain that wants to avoid any potential ridicule or humiliation.

So typically we think something won’t work out and the only way it could work out is perfectly or really well. Otherwise, we won’t start.

Perfection or really well is the wrong expectation of the outcome of doing something.

Perfection is boring and actually impossible to achieve as if you ever reached it, something more perfect could always be found with the mindset of only perfect will do. Even really well is not always possible.

Now that doesn’t mean we should not believe that we can achieve our goals, but it is the goals that we need to assess differently.

It is better to start and do something than to never start. Just ship it anyway, just start and expect something, but don’t expect super awesome, because that’s when most of us believe that it won’t happen and we don’t start.

Like every single thing in life, starting something is a habit and the easier you make it to build a habit, the easier it is to keep doing and thus, the habit will form.

Habits are like a muscle, the more you exercise them, the stronger they get and the more habits you can build.

Believe most things work out and prove it by starting simple easy things and build the habit. Each time we will create better, we will learn how to improve, slowly step-by-step, who knows we might even exceed our previous overstated expectations simply because we started and we improved. Not over thought, feared and never even started.

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