Do it for yourself


Often in life people say they did it for so and so, I made this for you, I wrote this for….I created it for….I designed it for x.

The best things created are when we do it for ourselves.

If we do things for others, how do we really know what others want or like?

Once we do things for others, we start to care what others think and when the response isn’t good, then we kill our self-confidence, and often then try too hard to please.

Don’t try to please others, as it opens us up to the worst of the feelings of not being good enough.

Write for yourself, sing for yourself, paint for yourself, do the things that you love the most for yourself.

That way you will create without fear of criticism, fear of judgement of others and then because it is likely then to be the best you can do, then others will find you and your art.

Success is what matters to us. It’s personal.

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