Day 154


This is my 154th day of continuous blog writing.

I’m aiming to do a whole year.

If there is one thing to come out of the journey so far, it is the simple fact that the more you practice something, the better you get.

Success often comes from taking small steps regularly, best on a daily basis, and doing those little tasks as best as we can.

The next step to master is to gradually apply them to more and more things, to build up slowly but surely, more daily success rituals.

This is something I have been working on over the last couple of years, and it is a challenge. In periods of extreme enthusiasm, I can manage for a short burst to stick to 15-20 daily rituals.

However, keeping that many going from a ‘cold’ start is hard. To form any lasting habit you have to do it for a long period without letting up.

So to try and form so many habits all at once is never going to go well.

This year I have been trying to build up slowly and being kinder to myself too when I slip occassionally. Slowly I am building lasting habits, a few things at a time.

Consistency comes from habit and consistency leads to turning plans and ideas into reality.

One habit at a time is what works, not changing everything at once.

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