Hate, why do we accept it?


No one likes to be on the receiving end of hate.

Yet as a society, we support and often encourage the spreaders of hate.

With 95% of the world’s media in the control of just 6 corporations, the message is easily controlled and manipulated by the spreaders of hate. They create scapegoats, distractions and they vilify certain people to ensure that society is focused on them, and not the myth creators.

The myth creators, the world’s elite, the tiny few, have become so skilled in their manipulation and control of us, that we are hardly aware of it. Anyone who speaks about an alternative view is immediately ridiculed and described as a ‘loon’/conspiracist.

The only people who benefit from the hate and effect that hate has on the world, are the very people who manipulate and encourage it.

Most people around the world, given the choice between love or hate, would choose love every time. Yet whenever we tune into the news, buy a newspaper, and subscribe to mainstream media, we are inadvertently supporting hate.

The attacks that we see increasingly around the world are very often false flags or a product of the fear and hate mongers.

The only question I have, is knowing this, why do we accept it? Why are we not more questioning? Why is there no outcry?

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