If only we were as smart as the things we have invented


We have gone from hunter-gatherers, to being able to send satellites to the edge of the galaxy. From writing on cave walls to sending packets of data instantly anywhere on the planet. We’ve modified crops, cloned sheep, created AI, and so much more.

I am not here to argue about whether it is progress or not, if we need it all or not.

My thoughts, if we are this smart, how comes we are still so dumb as humans in other ways?

We still go to war, still build houses on flood plains, continue to destroy the very planet needed for our survival, poison the foods that we eat with chemicals. We frack for gas and oil, yet it pollutes the environment.

We have ignored all the lessons, which we could have learnt.

The list could go on……

The answer as to why we still do all these dumb things is simple.

The greed of a few and the acceptance of the many.

If we all questioned more, then we would not be as dumb.

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