The 3 R’s of marketing


There are 3 R’s to consider.

1. Relevancy – is your content relevant to your audience? see yesterday’s post

2. Risk – are you risky enough? In today’s bland, homogenised world, where safe has been done to death, the new safe is being risky. Dare to be different, Seth Godin’s purple cow , standing out from the crowd is only possible now if you choose yourself, follow your dreams and be brave enough to share your creations with the world. Safe is dull, risky leads to opportunities that have not yet been uncovered.

Remember the US Patent office considered closing in 1900, as everything that could have been invented had been!!! It hasn’t all been done, we just have to be brave enough to create something new.

3. Relationships – this is something that does not happen overnight, and therefore involves getting to know people over time, being patient and willing to be yourself. This involves being a giver, not a giver with the sole purpose of expecting something back, but being a giver with no expectation of anything in return. This is something that the truly successful people have mastered, because they are being themselves, not following the flock.

The moment you expect something, then you are a manipulator, and that is part of the same safe formuliac process that bland businesses follow, driven by making money as the only goal.

Give and build relations, be risky, cut out the poeple who won’t like your message, making it easy for the one’s who will love it to connect.

It has to be clear, relevant, and done as if you were marketing to you. Who better to understand what works for people like us, than ourselves.

This came from my podcast yesterday with Bernie Mitchell, have listen to full discussion.

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