Are you relevant?


Content, content, and yet more content – we’re in content shock.

Gradually, everyone has cottoned on that sharing content is the route to success with marketing.

The challenge now is exactly that, everyone is doing it.

I love reading blogs, listening to podcasts and reading certain newsletters, but I struggle to keep up with all the ones I like. So increasingly, I am having to be selective.

I select mainly based on just how relevant the content is to my needs or interests.

Many do things, because it’s become the ‘thing to do’ and it therefore, becomes a ‘tick-box’ exercise. They produce content, however, often they have not taken time to find out what would be relevant to the audience.

Obviously selecting your audience plays a major part, but if the content has no relevance it will be de-selected.

Once de-selected, the chances of grabbing someone’s attention again is going to be a challenge.

Before hitting send on your next mailshot, stop and ask, is this relevant to what my audience wants?

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