Be pro not anti


What is already there in the world, is there. Get over it.

The energy that many expend in trying to criticise what is there, and the efforts they go to, to try and pull down something.

I have been more than guilty of this in the past.

I realise that there is no point in wasting energy on criticising others work, or how something is unfair, it is far better to build and create things that you think is the best. Build an alternative, as that, is a positive step.

Then share it, and inspire others that share your vision, your values, your world view, to be part of the journey.

There is an alternative view of anything, and it is a question of being inquisitive enough to find it, being determined enough to inspire, being brave enough to be different and being constructive, not destructive.

Be pro something, rather than anti. Love something new, not hate what is already there.

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