5 minutes


Today I started to use this site called moosti.

You can set various timers, like the one I have set now for 5 minutes.

I kept setting this timer all morning, and then when the 5 minutes is up, an alarm sounds.

Initially, it makes you realise that you are not really doing very much in 5 minutes, like I have been messing about on Facebook through 3 alarms, shit 15 minutes.

Then it makes you focus and realise how much you could have done with those 5 minutes. Say for instance, this blog has taken less than 2.5 minutes so far.

Then it becomes a game to see just how much you could get done in 5 minutes.

5 minutes is longer than you realise if you are focused and there is always time.

With 22 seconds left, media added, tags added and corrections done. Posted in less than 5 minutes.

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