Market to you


If you want to know what to put in your marketing plan and how to reach your audience, then do it as if you were marketing to you.

For many now, we are our own business as freelancers and solopreneurs (awful word that).

If we think about what we like, what attracts us to a product or service, how we like being marketed to. There is a good chance amongst the 7 billion others that we share the world with, that there might be a few others like us. A few that share our values, our cause, and align to what we are offering.

We are not here for everyone, we are here to connect with the people who matter to us, the people that are on our wavelength.

So if you want like-minded souls as customers of your business, then create a business for you and share it with world as if you wanted you, as the customer.

Too often we try and fail to market ourselves to people not like us and to people we do not understand.

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