The sound of silence

There’s a great song by Simon & Garfunkel called the ‘sound of silence’. It is all about people’s lack of ability to communicate – ‘People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening’.

It is interesting how often we do not really listen to what is actually being communicated to us, either verbally or by other signals. Either from our own inner voice or that of others.

Then when we get to the talking part, how often do we miscommunicate what we really want to say?

We often say things, either without thinking or knowing, where we are not saying what we truly think, because we are being held back by fear.

If we want to avoid silence in response to our communication, then we need to learn how to speak more effectively and articulate more clearly what we really want. In addition, we need to learn to actually listen and comprehend what is really being said to us by others and our own voice.

We need to think about how our messages will effect others and ourselves.

If our message is not being heard, or we are hearing nothing back, may be it is time to look at how we are communicating.

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