The missing piece of the jigsaw


Today I have been doing a 1000 piece jigsaw with family, something we haven’t done with the kids since they were little, and those jigsaws were of Engie Benjy, Jollop and Dan (and more like 10 pieces).

So the thing that struck me from this is, firstly a 1,000 piece jigsaw is extremely hard, but the missing bit of the jigsaw in life is just do the simple, fun things, with the people who matter.

Do not stress about all the other shit, that we more often than not, can not control.

This Sunday, I’ve been for a walk in the snow with the dog, visited my Mum for a cup of tea, started building a massive jigsaw with the family and as I am writing this I’m making a roast dinner for all of us.

Life is great, happiness is simple, enjoy each day.

Find all the pieces to your jigsaw before it is too late.

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