Philip Dodson Blog

A blank screen – arghhhhh!!!

Getting stuck for something to write is silly, we never get stuck for something to say. Well I don’t anyway, I never get talking block.

When I first looked at this blank screen on WordPress today, for a moment I pondered what to write and nothing came up, writers block I told myself (excuses). Then I wrote a few paragraphs, and thought, that was pretty shit.

I deleted it.

Now I am writing this instead. Is this any better? Probably not. If only I hadn’t deleted the other post, you could be spared this.

The fact is, it is still better to write something everyday and share it, than to share nothing at all. As the more you do something, the better you get at it.

There is a good deal of pressure to make perfect, but perfect is another one of these things we are brainwashed to try and achieve, that we will never achieve, and anyway perfect is boring.

I’ll be back tomorrow, the next day and so on, because creating something is far better than never trying.

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