Marketing is not about…

Marketing is not all about online content, emails, direct mail, social media and so on.

It is about having a great story and vision that gets delivered amazingly well. Well enough to inspire your very happy customers to do the real marketing that matters by writing 5 star online reviews and referring you to others via word-of-mouth about the experience they had with your business.

Don’t get caught up in words, get fanatical about making the experience worthy of sharing.

No one says ‘we’re shit’ in their marketing.


We never write in our brochure, or on our social media feed, or our web copy, that ‘we suck’ or ‘we’re really shit’ or ‘our service is average at best’.

We all put that ‘we are the greatest’, so people receiving your marketing message discount all the glowing stuff you write about yourself, they heard it all before.

The best marketing ever, is what your customers say about you, not in some doctored testimonial, but that experiences they share about your business to the outside world via social media, reviews and word of mouth. Word of mouth is now one to many not one to one. So it is even more powerful than ever.

So the focus must be on creating an exceptional experience that others want to share, sure marketing must be good, but creating something truly worth sharing is the way to succeed and that takes thought, creativity and time.