Expecting it for free

The problem with the culture of many startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs expecting other people’s services for free are twofold.

One, you are devaluing someone else’s services and unlikely to build a good relationship and they are unlikely to focus on you as a cherished customer. Over time, the goodwill fades and they feel taken advantage of and resent it.

Second, it will come back to bite you, as the support of this culture will lead to others expecting the same from you.

It is a spiralling race to the bottom for all concerned where everything becomes devalued.

Pay people a fair value for their work. Bartering and a fair exchange of services are completely different, as are genuine one-off acts of generosity where someone offers to help for nothing in return.

Changing the cover

Often there is a temptation to fix something by changing its cover, wrapper, label, brand, packaging…

If what’s wrapped is still the same, it won’t matter.

Marketing is important but delivery is more than ever what really counts.

The age of the connected generation and the customer review have ensured that the great products and services flourish over the marketing spinners.