A choice of reaction

Search deep within yourself. All the wisdom you will ever need is within you, the universe put it there and it will never go.

Wisdom is not life experience stored in the mind, that is simply a temporary mental form of what happened in the past, that no longer exists and is not what might happen now. Well, if you engage your mind it will be, but if we stay within our essence and a very being, there is the guidance we need, not the answer.

Answers are for the mind, wisdom is peace, calm, love and joy, the key indestructible elements of every human soul.

Wisdom is within the formless and unmanifested that cannot be put into words. Deep within us all, there is space and there is somewhere that is always calm. The storm is on the surface of the mind-made exterior form and within our own heads. If the mind dominates, then that unconscious and unreal world, that we created, is all we will ever experience.

If we silence the mind, the mental noise, and become awake and conscious, then we can access the unmanifested dimension, then we can be free, at peace and indestructible and unaffected by the mind-made fantasy world.

It’s a choice we can make, suffer or not. We will not alter what is, just alter how we choose to react to it.