Choosing to enjoy our opportunities

The thing is…yep, nothing matters, except to the ego and its clinging to all things that are temporary, its attachments.

In 100 years or so, every person alive now on the planet will be a pile of dust, that is the greatest leveller of all, we are all the same, equal in every way. We all face the same outcome to our physical and mental existence.

There is only this moment to consider, and it unfolds constantly and each one is a new start.

So we are only stuck in life and we can only worry about our eventual demise, if we project beyond this moment, into the unknown future.

When we consider that our current carnation, when it ends, that will be it for eternity, so very little point in sweating too much about stuff, it simply does not matter.

If we accept our own death now and realise that it is our soul, the real you and I, that lives forever as all energy does in whatever carnation, then we can move beyond the ego and its fragility and simply live to enjoy the amazing experiences that this journey can bring us, if we choose.

We all have that ultimate freedom…inner choice and we can choose and choose again in every moment. Wow, what amazing opportunity we all have if we so decide to enjoy it.

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