Awareness and change

We can read every self-help book, seek every ‘guru’, watch all the TedTalks and we can get a coach.

However, change only occurs on the inside, when we are truly ready and, critically, when we are conscious. As in, awake in this moment and free from thought.

If we are within our mind and its repeating thought patterns, we will not be aware of our actual reality and whether we are changing or not. We have to monitor change and see if we are matching the new ‘version’ we want to be.

Change, of course, is personal and none of us are broken, we are fine as we are. However, if we choose to want to change, awareness is the key to be able to make that change real.

Lastly, it can only happen now. We can’t change next week, as that is just a thought of the future.

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