Freedom is not

Freedom is not found on the beach, or up a tree, or swimming in the sea.

Freedom is not a holiday, a day off work, a freelancing job.

Freedom is not being single, getting divorced, your children leaving home.

Freedom is not escaping prison, it is not paying off the mortgage, it is not living in a tent or not something you get from your cellphone provider or bank.

Freedom is when we follow our heart, feel our soul, discover our true essence, our true being, and when we silence the mind. Freedom is being the true being that we all are deep inside.

Freedom is a conscious life without our ego in this present moment.

4 thoughts on “Freedom is not

  1. Philip it’s a given that I always love reading your insightful posts. Today, I’m also smitten by your pencil drawing. It caught my eye immediately. Nice!!!

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