One pair of jeans

None of us knows a woman or a man who owns just one pair of jeans or one pair of shoes or one coat or one of almost any item.

Many of us have accumulated spares of almost everything, just in case the item breaks or becomes lost or whatever other reason.

So we work all day to accumulate trinkets to exchange them online or at shopping malls for goods we will probably not really need or use. Even with food, we do the same, buying more than we need or can consume. As much as 1/3 of the average weekly food shop ends up in the bin.

Perhaps if we only had what we really needed, repaired things, shared, used 2nd hand stuff and were more careful with what we consumed, we’d be able to work less or spend more time doing things that matter.

A joyful life will not be found at a shopping mall or a supermarket or in our fridge.

Consume less, live more and own one pair of jeans.

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