What to start with in our plan?

When planning our next day, week, month, year…whatever period you choose, do you fill the plan with the important stuff first and then fit work in or do you fill it with work and hope to fit the things that really matter in our lives in?

Amazing how many things are the wrong way round in life. Literally, no one ends their journey wishing they’d found more time to work more.

The choice is ours to make.

2 thoughts on “What to start with in our plan?

  1. Happy New Year Philip. Great question! I typically shy away from the word “work” altogether. If anything I do seems more like a “job” than a joy, it’s out of here pretty quick. That being said, I tend to prioritize the important stuff first, that is; what’s important to me personally, things I find more satisfying than other things. The feeling of satisfaction helps me to get on with the “have-to-do’s” with a much better attitude and the right momentum to get them accomplished as well.

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