31.5 million seconds

Welcome to 2018.

Have you been to the gym yet? booked a summer holiday? Gone to the sales? Started a diet? Written a huge list of resolutions?

2018, a period of time made up of 365 days.

That’s 8,760 hours or 525,600 minutes or 31.5 million seconds, roughly.

I have used about 360 seconds of the 31.5 million seconds there will be in 2018 to write this blog and then another maybe 360 to add some tags and an image.

That means in still have 31,499,280 seconds left remaining of 2018 to do whatever with.

When you put time like this, wow, we have a shit load of time every year to do stuff.

But if like the average person, I use 5,256,000 seconds watching TV/YouTube/Video/Netflix etc, then that’s about a 1/6th of my year gone or 25% of my waking hours this year.

It’s a choice what we do with our time, however, there is always enough time to do what we want to.

What difference will I make with my 31.5 million seconds in 2018?

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